the art of faith

 About Me


Stephanie Luedtke is an educator, minister, and artist of sorts. She often combines the three in creative ways, weaving education and arts through her ministry or ministry into arts education. As a certified music educator, she has taught students in pre-school to those in retirement communities, and all ages in between, through the topics of music history and appreciation, vocal music, and small and large group instrumental instruction. Stephanie is also a rostered Deacon in the ELCA, with a Master’s Degree in Worship Arts, and has enjoyed helping people of all ages find meaningful ways to worship, learn, and to be in faithful community together. 

Through work as a music teacher in school and private settings, ministry work in churches and at the synod level, and through independent work as a consultant and curriculum writer, Stephanie has always lived out her passions, and worked to help others discover theirs. She is a wife and mother, and enjoys biking, gardening, and drinking good wine.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
— Pablo Picasso